Responsibilities Of A Security Guards

Customer Service Responsibilities Of Security Guards

Most people view security guards merely as officials who provide security services and safeguard their property. However, an important fact that is not considered by many is that security guards can play a much more significant role in delivering customer service. In addition to providing security services, there are several obligations related to customer service that can be performed by security guards. 

Interact With Customers

Upon visiting any company, one of the first people that a customer interacts with is a security guard. Whether a customer needs to clarify an issue, find their way to a specific location, or be greeted at the entrance, a security guard can act as the first connection point for any visitor. This is a great way to deliver good customer service and it also allows the security guard to take note of whoever enters your property. This will keep intruders and trespassers away from your property. 

When a security guard interacts with a customer in a friendly manner, the customer will feel more at ease and the tension and the unfamiliarity of the situation will disappear. 

The First Impression Matters The Most

Security guards play a crucial role in giving your customers an important first impression of your business on most occasions. Therefore, you should never overlook the importance of the appearance of your security guards. Your security guards must appear pleasant and charming to create an impact on your customers.  

Most companies have their security guards wear standard and professional uniforms. Especially if the security guards are hired from a security company, they will most probably have their own, unique uniform. For example, Securiway Security, one of the best Vancouver Security companies, provides the service of uniformed security guards for better safety and security of their clients.

 However, it’s not mandatory for the security guards to wear uniforms. You can also have them wear more casual clothing, perhaps with your company logo on them.  

Safeguard The Customers

A security guard’s duty is not just to guard your property but also to ensure the safety and security of the inhabitants and customers. It’s a responsibility of a security guard to warn the customers in situations where there’s a threat associated with the property. Customers can feel more comfortable when they know that they are being protected. 

A competent security guard will have excellent proficiency in communication and will be courteous, cordial, and respectable. If you are the owner of a property, you need to be constantly alert about the events that take place on your property. Hence, you need to receive proper updates about everything. Highly trained security guards will prepare clear and precise notes containing all the important information you need to know. 

Vancouver Security companies provide continuous training for their employees believing that professional development is crucial for security guards to increase efficiency in Mobile Patrol.

Lend A Hand

The most reliable person to reach out to when customers require some sort of assistance is a security guard. If a customer cannot find where a specific building or department is located, a security guard can guide him or her to that particular location. Furthermore, security guards can help in even the most simple and insignificant situations such as opening a door for a customer to pass through or helping a customer to carry a heavy bag or a parcel. 

Often, whenever an emergency situation pops up, GPS-enabled security guards are the safest people to inform about it. 

Even though the primary duty of a security guard is to provide security service, he or she carries out all the above obligations without neglecting his or her main job. 

Fight Crime

In addition to protecting the properties and occupants, security guards also play a vital part in preventing crime. Whenever a crime takes place, statements given by security guards can often assist in the investigation process. 

The security guard even has the authority to hold someone who has broken the law. Safeguarding your property is a different aspect of customer service as it will provide the customers with a choice to prefer your company above others. 

A security guard’s job is not an easy one. It is not merely the provision of security services but a collection of duties and responsibilities. Security guards have an important duty to help people whenever they require assistance. For instance, if a customer’s vehicle is robbed, the security guard should deal with the situation diligently and professionally. 

It’s crucial to consult a security company that can provide you with the service of qualified security guards to ensure the safety of your property and customers. Plenty of Vancouver security companies can satisfy all your security needs. We, at Securiway Security, can provide you with qualified and skilled security guards to help you ensure the safety of your property and customers.